Should You Buy Size Genetics?

 A person's height, eye color, facial features and other things are decided on by genetics. Genetics also determines the size of a man's penis. Some good looking guys are just lucky. For these men this has been a gift since the day they were born.

Then there are the unlucky ones who were born with a small penis. They have been teased, insulted and laughed at and this isn't as a result of their own mistake. Soon they become trapped in a depression because they lose their confidence. 

Most men think the size of their penis determines their masculinity. It is assumed that a man with a huge penis is more macho than others. There are two things that determine penis size, the length and the girth. The length is how long the penis extends during erections. The girth simply means the thickness of the penis when a man is sexually stimulated. 

There are only a few men who have both perfect girth and length. There are many penis enlargement products on the market due to the advance in men's knowledge and technology. One such product is SizeGenetics.

This uses devices and exercises to help enlarge your size. One method of penis enlargement recommended by most men is the traction device. This idea was based off devices used in orthopedics to lengthen the arm and leg safely. This process has been proved effective by the many people who have used it. 

A doctor's advice isn't needed for the usage of such a device since it is easy to use. You simply wear it for up to eight hours and let is apply pressure lengthen your penis. There is no worry about it harming your penis. It has even been proven effective in correcting penises with crooked erections. However, the cost is the major disadvantage of traction devices.

SizeGenetics for example costs about four hundred dollars for the full system. For some men this can be an expensive amount.


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