Various Methods of Penis Enlargement

 Short penis, a grave problem with men

As penis is the major organ for reproductions and sexual encounter in men, any problem with it is enough to cause considerable worry with the men. Especially when it comes to the length of the penis, men can get very worried as they tend to lose a lot of their self confidence because of their short size.

They are much concerned because they fear being unable to please their partners during their sexual intercourse and they feel that they themselves will not be able to enjoy the sex life to the optimum. To ward off this very worry and to find a solution they search the entire Internet, read a lot of books and also consult doctors in private to know how they can effectively have a penis enlargement.

Various methods for enlarging the penile organ

Though the problem of penis enlargement is grave but it is not impossible to lengthen the penile organ. The very length of the penis can be increased by various methods that are accessible and affordable as well. The most common ways for penis enlargement include:

  • Penis exercises
  • Penis extenders
  • Penis patches
  • Penis pills
  • Penis pumps

These are the most acceptable and the safest of the methods to lengthen the penis but when penis pumps and extenders are compared, the latter is a better option for far effective results.

Penis patches- easiest methods

The penis enlargement patches are among the easiest and the safest ways to gain a longer penile organ as it is made from a careful blend of various herbal substances. When applied over the pubic region, these herbal substances gradually pump in the men’s circulatory system via skin. This increases the sexual stamina of the males and helps them improve their ejaculation effectively as well. The best feature is that they remain hidden under their clothing and so men do not have to be conscious about it all.

Natural exercises for penis enlargement

The natural exercises for penis enlargement are preferred over plastic surgeries for the organ. It is so because they aim at increasing the blood flow in the organ and thereby help in the lengthening of the penis. PC flex exercises and the Jelq exercises are the ones that are most commonly advised to men for increasing penis length.

Rip- off penis enlargement

The rip- off penis enlargement method is another great way for penis enlargement that makes use of the penis pumps and penis surgery. The pumps create vacuum around penis to bring out the blood in the surrounding tissues, but it is a very temporary method. In fact, men should also try and avoid using weights or various penis enlargement chemical creams ads they may incur some serious side effects.


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