What You Should Know About the Sizegenetics Program

The companycreated the Sizegenetics Program has been established for several years now and is considered to be the best product in its category. It is backed by medicaldoctors around the world and has proven itself to be effective in clinical trials.

TheSizegenetics program has a key device in the program, this would be the penis extender device. Penis extender products are designed to slowly stretch the penis and after time, it will increase the expanding tissues of the penile shaft resulting in a longer and thicker penis. Here we will discuss some information in order to enlighten your interest on the Sizegenetics penis extender, so you can make an informed decision onwhether this product is what you are looking for.

The Sizegenetics program has two key elements to its program and these include:

The Penis extender device.

The Penis health exercise program shown on DVD.

The penis extender device created by Sizegenetics has three main sections to fit and work out the penis. The three main parts of the extender equipment are a plastic retainer, metal rods and a comfort holder. The plastic retainer fits around the base of the penile shaft. The metal rods are on both side of the extender tool that adjust for proper usage and the unique comfort holder is for holding the head of the penis.

According to manufacturer's suggested use, the penis extender device should be worn for up to eight hours a day for optimal results. Not all men can do this do to work, active lifestyle etc. Don't worry if this is not a possibility for you, do what you can for as long as you can. It will take longer to see results, but they will come with time. So be persistent, neither option in usage can provide overnight results, but rather results over a period of time.

The second part of the Sizegenetics program involves the penis health exercise routines. With the packaged Penis extender device will be a DVD that provides the information needed to perform the exercises correctly and efficiently and safely. The exercise techniques can also be viewed online for readily available access to the information as well as a chat forum to share experiences and tips with others as well as support if needed for questions and concerns. Questions and concerns can also be addressed through a toll-free phone number. It is important that the exercises are done correctly and as instructed to prevent problems that could arise.

The Sizegenetics program also comes with bonus material that will provide information on improving the quality of sexual performance as well as sex advice. The total complete package carries a six month money back guarantee and retails for approximately $389.95. However, the Sizegenetics website states that if you are willing to provide them with a before and after photos, the cost will be refunded so the system ends up free.

This system may be costly but think of all the money and suffering you save by purchasing a proven program that not only works but works safely. The Sizegenetics penis enlargement program through its penis extender and exercise regime that is backed by physicians globally will work for you as it did for those in the clinical research.


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