All you would like to know about SIZE GENETICS

Size genetics never heard of it??? It is a penis extender device and is a part of a new industry which is still to make a wide impact on the market to make its presence felt. The way these extenders work is the same which are going around from centuries and their examples are clearly visible today, such as the giraffe-neck paduang women of Northern Thailand. Also traction is widely used in plastic surgery as it helps skin and bones to grow naturally.

The science behind size genetics is a proven and tested and verified method of penis enlargement but the major question is that how can you be so sure of its working, what is the guarantee that size enlargement is better than the other options available in the market, that it is more effective measure and how can one trust it by spending a nominal amount of money on it?? This article takes a toll of the existing methods and a comparison with size genetics. Read on.

Method #1:  Penis enlargement pills

They simply are of no use. They don't work. They can give you only substantial results in the form that they increase your erection and strengthen your orgasm but do not lead to a permanent increase in the size of penis the actual thing that you were looking forward to. Penis pills however do not cause cell growth which is utmost necessary for the increase in size. You'll be disappointed if you are looking forward for a permanent increase in size. So it will not be incorrect to say the pills are of no use.

Method#2:  Penis enlargement patches

Do they really work??? No.  And the reason being the same that patches also do not contribute to cell growth either so an increase in size is not possible practically. They have a different way of delivering the same results and medication but in a different way all together. But enlargement patches are of no use either because they don't give results.

Method#3:  Penis enlargement surgery

If all the issues are kept aside yes surgery does work and gives the required results but don't ignore the complications related to it. Surgery is hard on your body and wallet. Once the surgery is over you are driven to your home on a wheel chair with a paining penis and a bill amounting to anything between $5000-15000 depending on the complications of the surgery. Skin for penis enlargement is grafted from you ass fold and the surgery is done so quickly that it does not give time to penis tissues to heal naturally like extenders do. Also after having a surgery done you get vulnerable to skin infections very easily and surgery can lead to various other complications and can hamper and in some cases completely ruin your sex life.

Method#4: Penis enlargement extender devices

Extenders work but they take time period for growth. They are based on sound science and are the only non surgical solution available for penis enhancement. When you apply gentle traction to your penis it stretches your penis and stimulates your body to start cell growth in pensile tissue. This traction causes all the penis tissues to grow in a healthy as well as a safe manner. Corpora cavernosa is also enlarged. It is the chamber that gets filled with blood during erection. Along with an increase in the size of the penis the girth of the penis is also increased and it is useful especially at the time of erection.

Size genetics is an extender device which has become the major choice of physicians at a number of penis enlargement clinics world wide. The size genetics gives you the required results along with that it comes with penis enlargement exercise DVD, lovemaking techniques DVD and an extended level of customer support. Also if you have any problem with the devices the company sends you the spare parts and if you are not satisfied with the results then there is a money back guarantee too. The return rates of the device are negligible which implies a number of satisfied customers. So I guess now it won't be wrong to suggest size genetic device over other techniques you people know the reason why.