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Reviewed by Andrew on 2nd November 2016
"It has been around two weeks that i have been using the product. I have noticed harder erections and i seem alot bigger with an erection. Everything is going well so far and expect to see more results as time goes by"

Reviewed by Jay on 15th September 2016
"It has been about 2 months, I'm getting longer most definately thicker and it hangs" nicely all day! (i love that) I have seen great results in such a short time! Carnt wait to see more!"

Reviewed by Matthew on 24th July 2016
"I started my flacid length at 3.5 inch and 5 months later, i'm at 4.25!. I am extremly pleased so far. I honestly wish i bought Size Genetics Extender" and started my exercises years ago. I refered my brother to penis-health and Size Genetics Extender, if it helped me it can help him!"

Reviewed by Robin on 3rd April 2016
"After nearly a month the penis and testicles are in better shape. The flaccid penis is thicker and stronger, the erection takes on a new and harder dimension"

Reviewed by John 11th December 2010
"I have used product 1 month - Noticable gains in flacid size and girth. Also erections seem much stronger"

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SizeGenetics - Editor's Review

When it comes to choosing a penis enlargement product, there are literally hundreds out there on the market. So, how are you actually supposed to make a decision based upon the information out there? Well, this was something we had a hard time finding out. 
In the end, and after numerous hours of research and investigation, we decided to try the SizeGenetics Penis Enlargment device. Yes, we ordered it, used it, and now have the results ready to publish to you - the reader. So without further ado, here is our review. 
Skeptical At First. 
With all the hype, marketing, and hearsay surrounding penis enlargement pills and pumps these days, we were somewhat skeptical of this product when we first placed the order. To be honest, we weren't expecting much of a change in the size of our "you know what's", and looked at this as being just a bit of fun and games. 
Indeed, having read the testimonials regarding people "amazing" results, it was simply too much to resist. We gave it a go. 
Skeptical No More. 
The most amazing part of this product review is the shock we got after about a week of using this product. The pump fits around the genital area nicely, and despite leaving the penis a little "sore" after a decent session with the device, everything went smoothly. Of course, it came with instructions, and things we should expect to see as we progressed through the weeks. 
After week 1, there was very little difference. You could probably describe the look of your penis as being a tiny bit stretched and elongated. It wasn't until week 2 that we actually notice the size difference. 
At the end of the second week, the penis could be described as being fuller - ie. thicker, and with more "meat" on it than before. This is exactly what the guide told us to expect - so far so good. As we continued using the product, we continued to see results in a more exponential way. The longer we used it for, the harder, thicker, and longer our penises were. 
As they say in the hit TV show "Mythbusters" - this myth is busted. Assuming you choose the correct penis enlargement product - such as the one that we did - you can genuinely expect to see results in a relatively short period of time.

If you think you should buy SizeGenetics, make sure you buy it from their OFFICIAL website.



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